Talking Heads at HEART

Talking Heads at HEART is a monthly event where speakers share their expertise on a wide range of subjects:  economics, culture, health / social and international issues.

We have had some fascinating presentations, recent topics have included homelessness, Islamophobia, and sustainable cities. The speakers are often local experts from a particular field and / or drawn from local universities / research departments. There is always time for debate and questions afterwards.

Talking Heads is a joint initiative between HDT and HEART. We welcome ideas for topics and potential speakers – as well as help in organising the sessions … please get in touch!

All are welcome.

Next Meeting

November 23 at HEART

19.30 and finishes at 21.00. Held in the Claremont Room.


By Jeffrey Henderson

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not China, but it is the Chinese state. It controls all Chinese organisations, including – directly or indirectly – state and privately-owned companies. While acknowledging the CCP’s world leading contributions to economic and social development – including lifting 600-700 million people out of poverty (in itself, an astonishing contribution to human rights) – it now poses major challenges for Europe’s – including Britain’s – future. These are broadly economic (eg, in regard to corporate takeovers and competitiveness) and technological (eg, in regard to innovation), but also political (eg, the activities of the CCP’s United Front Work Department) and geopolitical (eg, support for Russia in Ukraine and threats to Taiwan). In the light of all this, what is and should be the relationship between Europe, including Britain, and China? This talk will seek to explore some of these issues, posing questions, offering insights and looking to future possibilities.

Jeffrey Henderson is Professor Emeritus of International Development at the University of Bristol and Co-founder and Vice Chair of the EU-funded China in Europe Research Network (www.china-in-europe.net). He has previously taught at, among others, the Universities of Hong Kong, California and Manchester and his publications include: Globalisation with Chinese Characteristics (2013) and The Wind from the East: China and the Economic Future of Europe (2021).

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