Street Care

The Graffiti Working Group is a forum for interested parties wishing to address the growing problem of graffiti tagging in Headingley and surrounding neighbourhoods.

The group is open to individual residents, representatives of resident groups, local businesses, landlords, local government councillors and officers, the police and other community representatives with an interest in the subject.

The group works to:

  • facilitate the removal of illegal tagging;
  • encourage property owners and tenants to keep their premises free from any recurrence;
  • provide advice on ways to reduce the likelihood of tagging;
  • support initiatives to encourage safe and legal forms of street art;
  • provide education, training and skills development in street art for young people in the local community.

Activities undertaken by the group include fund raising, awareness raising, the physical removal of tags, supporting Council graffiti removal activities, procuring professional cleaners when required, commissioning street art and developing initiatives to support legal forms of street art.

If you are interested in joining or supporting the group please contact us via this email address.

Contact details

Email: hdt.graffiti@gmail.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/headingleygraffiti