Annual report

We hold an Annual General Meeting for our members every March at HEART at which we present our Annual Report, take questions on our activities in the year and discuss member’s ideas for projects and initiatives for the year ahead.

To get the full story you need to read our annual report. Every member will receive a copy, sent electronically to your email address.

You can also grab one from our stall at the Headingley Farmers Market that is staffed by Board Members where you can also find updates, reading materials and leaflets for other community based activities and groups in Headingley.

Click on the links below for the latest annual report and check out our Archived Reports for older editions.  

Download draft minutes of 2023 AGM

Archived reports

Annual Report 2022 | 3.65 MB pdf file

Annual Report 2021 | 14.30 MB pdf file

Annual Report 2020 | 403.73 KB pdf file

Annual Report 2019 | 2.10 MB pdf file

Annual Report 2018 | 2.09 MB pdf file

Annual Report 2017 | 1,009.34 KB pdf file

Annual Report 2016 | 1.25 MB pdf file